OLDYPAA Retreat, September 28-30, 2018
Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria (Central Coast) California
~ ADA accessibility
~ Dorm style cabins sleep 10
~ RV pads (no hook ups)
~ Tent camping sites

$215 per person. Another option is to make two payments of $108 with full Registration due August 31, 2018 (See Registration for more details)

~ Registration is a Commitment to the facility and is non-refundable, including deposits.

~ includes meals, and special food needs can be accommodated
~ same price whether dorm, RV, or tent camping.

On the ocean, comfortable sleeping arrangements, AA formatted weekend, delicious food!
Camp Ocean Pines is a gorgeous location is the perfect setting for you to get away from the regular world and connect with friends.

Although most OLDYPAAs still attend the various YPAA conferences, there is usually too much going on for us to have quality time to spend together longer than an hour or so.  We say hello and give a hug when we see other OLDYPAA hoodie wearers, and we show up to support one another on panels.  We even host a marathon meeting from time to time.
In the past few years OLDYPAAs have been saying they want a get together – a conference, a campout, a retreat.  Some organized event where they can come together to share their stories, listen to what others have done to continue through life No Matter What, to support each other, and to just hang out and have fun in the spirit of YPAA.
In 2017, a group of OLDYPAAs representing a number of states began having phone conferences and, Voila! The first OLDYPAA Retreat has come to life.  The location, dates, and costs have all been set.  The format will be simple: speakers, discussions, food, and laughter.
So, as we say, “suit up and show up”. Or get in the Truck we are goin!

Many of us are coming from locations all around the country. Feel free to reach out and see if we can share the drive up or down the coast to get to our weekend of love and fellowship!
Or if you want to be of service in some way please let us know. (Contact Page)